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Post-apocalyptic Britain revealed

Buckingham Palace is a crumbling ruin. The Angel of the North hangs limp, awash with weeds. King's College has seen far, far better days.

These images are the imaginings of the team behind one of the PlayStation's swansong titles, The Last of Us, of a Britain overrun by the game's Cordyceps virus. Infected humans run wild, while survivors must fight for food and supplies (not unlike a trip to the sales in TK Maxx). As nature begins to reclaim our barren structures, a strangely beautiful scene unfolds.

PlayStation 3’s The Last of Us will be out on June 14



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Science has solved the ketchup bottle problem

Finally you'll be able to get that last bit out

by Emily Badiozzaman
21 Feb 2017

There's a Finnish word for drinking at home in your pants & we love it

Pull your damn socks up, the English language

by Sam Diss
21 Feb 2017

Sir David Attenborough and Blue Planet are coming back in 2017

If it's anything like as good as 'Planet Earth II' then we're in for a treat

by Alex Finnis
20 Feb 2017

Dad's rant about his ex-wife goes viral for all the right reasons

Parent goals

by Emily Badiozzaman
20 Feb 2017

Someone perfectly remixed a Donald Trump superfan to Eminem's 'Stan'

I love you Trump, we could have been together

by Emily Badiozzaman
20 Feb 2017

You can now buy 'luxury iceberg water' for £80

Water joke

by Dave Fawbert
17 Feb 2017

There is an eighth continent that you had no idea existed

Move over Australasia, there's a new kid in town

17 Feb 2017

Tony Blair declares "mission" to get UK to "rise up" against Brexit

Former PM claims people voted "without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit"

by Joe Ellison
17 Feb 2017

The most batshit crazy moments from Trump's latest press conference

"War with Russia would be a nuclear holocaust like no other"

by Emily Badiozzaman
17 Feb 2017

People are angry about this video of a woman talking to cheating ex

The brutal reality of #HurtBae is uniting the internet in outrage

by Dave Fawbert
16 Feb 2017