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People are actually paying to go to fake weddings


You may be thanking the solstice for finally putting an end to wedding season - but while you wept at how much of your wage was spent on other people’s happiness, people in Argentina were paying for the pleasure.

A company called Flasa Boda has capitalised on the apparent likelihood that most young people have never been to a wedding, thanks to their aversion to marriage, but still like the idea of a matrimonial piss up.

Started by a group of friends, the company puts on paid events that mimic a real wedding ceremony and after party, complete with venue, band (with obligatory cheesy tunes), dress code and fake bride and groom.

The ‘weddings’ pull in hundreds of people who all sit through someone else’s fake vows, and then celebrate with a bunch of strangers who also paid to turn up.

Some punters are so dedicated to the idea that they have gone on bachelor benders with a fake groom the night before.

Surprisingly, there appears to be a market for it. The group has more than 70 international fan pages on Facebook and has already expanded to Moscow, where they held their first international event last year.

From what we can tell, the bride and groom are basically a hype couple for a night, where love is definitely not the thing intoxicating people.

And just to make sure you get your money’s worth, the events aren’t adverse to some drama, with affairs happening before the marriage can even be consummated.

Ever wondered what a fake wedding looks like? Have a look below.  


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