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Paul Smith Olympics Stamps Issued


Despite having urine mercilessly extracted from it on a regular basis on The Fast Show, the Isle of Man seems to be a pretty nifty place, not least because it gave us cycling King, Mark Cavendish.

However, we’re throwing down love at its door this week due to these super smart stamps curated by the Isle of Man Post Office. The work of iconic designer, and good friend of Cavendish’s, Paul Smith, these seven stamps work not only as a celebration of this year’s forthcoming Olympics and Paralympics, but as standalone pieces of art.

Bold, simple, playful and pleasingly reminiscent of the days before committee-led and focussed group designs won the day, they are far superior to the stamps the Royal Mail has issued.

So put that on your letter and, erm, lick it.

You can buy the stamps from Paul Smith shops or at www.paulsmith.co.uk



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