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Mesmerising Award-Winning Gifs


Hoping to have a productive day? Think again. The following Gifs are about to absorb all of your attention, before their genius forces you to waste further time sharing them with all your friends and family. We're not in the least bit sorry.

These hypnotic marvels are the winners of The Giphoscope Awards 2014. To submit a work, artists are limited to just 24 frames of animation and a 1MB file size (2MB for Gifs under 400px wide).

"But what's a Giphoscope?" you're probably not asking. It's the world's first analogue Gif player designed by Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese. Gifs are printed in their 24 frames, which can then be displayed flicker book style as you turn the Giphoscope's handle. Head to their site to find out more.

With award categories for Abstract, Collage, 3D, Media, Humour, Photography, Hand Drawn, Geometry and Illustration, the winning Gifs are a perfectly looping feast for the eyes.

And no, we're not going to tell you how to pronounce Gif.


3D winner

Windmill by "Blob and Lights"


Collage winner

George Clooney is Inside by Isabel Chiara


Geometry winner

Suspension by Slater Combes


Illustration winner

Chris Clancy


Humour winner

Me on my way to overthrow your country by gazpachoblog


Illustration winner

Hugs by Cindy Suen


Media and abstract winner

Press Start Button by ZWIAN


Photography and over all winner

Micaël Reynaud



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