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Leo DiCaprio’s secret twin found working for the Russian government

leo dicapario russian twin

Let us tell you a story. One that could shock, amuse and surprise you.

When Leonardo DiCaprio was born he wasn’t born alone. He had a twin brother. Growing up, the brothers were close, they shared the type of bond that you only ever really see between twins in sci-fi films. The type of bond where the duo (or as they called themselves – ‘DiCuo’) could seemingly read each other’s minds. 

They were inseperable, until around 1984 when, aged 10-years-old they were separated through a serious of unfortunate events that required, due to their Russian ancestry, one of the two to return to Russia. In secret. At which, this brother was forced to spend his entire life working for the state, holed away in a department known as: The Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation.

The other brother, who we now know as Leo but at the time was ironically named Oscar, was sent to a special boot camp. A camp that groomed Leo into the Hollywood A-lister that you see today. A man preened for red carpets and success. Success that is ultimately a ruse. An opportunity to place him on the inside where he can gleam the secrets of the elite and share them with his Russian based brothers in the next chapter of the Cold War.

Or, this man is just a really good lookalike. Who knows?

Discovered by the brilliantly eagle-eyed Reddit user: Obiektyw1855


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