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Lazy? Got a dog? You're going to want to see this genius trick

Meggy Phone Charger delivery.PNG

Look, it’s hot. We’re lazy. It’s a struggle to do tasks we enjoy, let alone doing boring legwork around the house. 

Cooking? Nope. Cereal for dinner instead.

Reading? Too hot. Get us a fan and stick the telly on.

Changing the television channel? Nah you’re aright, that involves us moving. We’ll just watch ITV 2 all night. It’s Love Island at 9. 

Where's the remote?

Which is why we’re in awe at this nifty trick from Twitter user Sophie Billington.

Or more specifically her mum.

Even more specifically, her mum and her border collie, Meggy.

Can't be faffed to go all the way downstairs to deliver a phone charger? Tie it to the dog and send her downstairs.

Sophie seemed pretty chuffed by the reaction. 

And it seems that Meggy is a very good girl, even when not on phone delivery duties.

They're good dogs Brent.



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