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Jeremy Corbyn celebrated his win last night by accidentally high-fiving Emily Thornberry's boob


In the spirit of remaining impartial, what I’m going to do today is not offer any opinion on anything that happened last night, and instead show you a video of a man accidentally patting a woman’s boob.

That’s what we’re all here for, really, isn’t it? A man going in for a high five but missing the other person’s hand and travelling straight forward onto her breast. A man mistaking a woman’s pointing finger for a raised open palm and returning a non-existent high five, but following through and planting his hand onto her bust.

Jeremy Corbyn slapping Emily Thornberry on the chest.

Like this:

That's Jeremy Corbyn there, thrusting his arm, hand at a right-angle, straight into Emily Thornberry’s unsuspecting chest. Emily Thornberry, having a lovely time, pointing at Jeremy Corbyn, and then lowering her finger just a tad too soon, enabling Corbyn’s wrist to steamroll through the air above her hand, straight into her. 

Here look:

That's Emily Thornberry, chest forward, celebrating a huge majority in Islington, her right breast entirely unaware of the oncoming juggernaut, unable to brace for the impact of Corbyn’s incorrectly-targeted hand. Corbyn, having too much fun and lackadaisically sending his arm on a misjudged trajectory towards a wholly inappropriate destination.

Exhibit no. 1:


Either way, well done Jeremy and Emily, on both the high five and results front. Mainly for this though:

Coooweee, what a biff!

(Image: Rex)


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