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Jeremy Corbyn turns all of Theresa May's favourite slogans against her as politicians return to Commons


Jeremy Cobryn seemed in an exceptionally good mood this afternoon, as the House of Commons opened for the first time since the election results.

Now, to recap: Theresa May called the snap election on 8 June because the polls projected the Conservatives had a 20-point lead. Somehow they snatched (almost) defeat from the jaws of victory, we have a hung parliament, and the DUP in Northern Ireland will have to prop up a Conservative government.

Also, Theresa May might not be Prime Minister for much longer. 

So, if you’re Jeremy Corbyn and you’ve pulled off one of the biggest British political upsets in about a decade, what happens next?

Apparently the answer is “start taking the mick”.

Corbyn entered the House of Commons on Tuesday to a standing ovation from Labour MPs, congratulating him on his surprise strong showing at the election. 

And from there? Well, Corbyn had a few quick jabs for a Conservative Party that many consider are on the ropes.

Taking your rival’s big insult for you and lobbing it back? Pretty strong.

Taking their main political slogan and spraying it back? To use a footballing term, “Corbyn definitely fancies it”.

At time of writing, the UK still has no formal government, as the agreement between the Conservative Party has yet to be formalised in the Queen’s Speech.

There’s a goat involved too. Apparently.  

All we really know for sure is that Corbs is loving life right now, and who can blame the man.



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