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Horrifying giant hornets with (3-inch wings) could be on the way to the UK right now

asian hornet

There’s not much worse than wasps is there? Unofficially proven to be nature’s arseholes and not much else, you’d be pretty damn upset if we told you there was a new contender for insect annoyance champion.

We come bearing bad news.

They’re called Asian Hornets and they could be on the way to Britain, as they’ve already crossed into Germany, Spain and Italy, among other European countries. Apparently, up to five people have actually died from the hornet’s stings, which is absolutely not the best thing to hear.

What's even worse is that they can grow up to 2-inches long and have a wingspan of 3-inches. Which is roughly the size of three 50 pence pieces lined up in a row.

hornet length

Yup, we checked...

The British Beekeepers’ Association has warned the public not to disturb a hornets’ nest under any circumstance. Which basically goes without saying, doesn’t it?

At least we’ll only have a day or two of summer this year for them to thrive.



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