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Home Alone Recut As A Horror Film

Turns out Buzz’s girlfriend (“woof”) wasn’t the scariest aspect of Home Alone after all.
Perfectly timed just before Christmas, this new fan re-cut has given the festive classic a more sinister edge, reminding us of all the creepiest parts (shovel-carrying old neighbour, vengeful burglars, jangle-heavy parts of Danny Elfman’ score) as YouTube whizz Bobby Burns has amplified them to a terrifying degree.
Cleverly cut to ensure the odds look severely less in Kevin McCallister's favour, there are enough slow-motion door openings, dingy basements and creepy shadows suggest original director Christopher Columbus could well have spawned a psychological horror film the first time around.
Well at least it would have warranted the lethal traps set up by the psychopath-in-waiting scamp.
Little wonder his parents so regularly 'forgot’ him.



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