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Here’s what happens when you throw liquid nitrogen into your own face for no reason


"This is not one of those experiments that I would encourage you to try at home."

No sh*t, Sherlock.

This is Grant Thompson, a YouTuber also known as 'The King Of Random'. There he is, in that video down there, stood in his garden, on quite a nice day, throwing a substance that's used to burn warts off your skin right into his eyes and face. 

Why? Oh, only to prove a point. When viewers asked him why he wasn't wearing safety googles in a previous liquid nitrogen-based experiment, he decided to show them the error of their line of questioning - by hurling a thing that freezes other things instantly all over his head.

Here in the office, we had 10-1 odds on Thompson becoming a real-life Mr Freeze from Batman after such a ludicrous stunt. Alas, we saw no such outcome. In fact, thanks to a phenomenon called the 'Leidenfrost effect', our brainiac was left with no visible injury or super powers at all. 

Cool experiment, bro. Real cool.



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