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A Britain-shaped cloud appeared in the sky so someone turned it into the perfect meme


Right, so, last week, a photographer called Golcar Matt took a picture of a cloud over the East Midlands that looked exactly like Great Britain.

He was like, “Wow, this cloud looks exactly like Great Britain!” so he decided to send it to the BBC. The BBC were like, “Wow, this cloud looks exactly like Great Britain!” so they decided to put it on their website, so that people could click on it and think, “Wow, this cloud looks exactly like Great Britain!”

Here is the could, which, to be fair, looks exactly like Great Britain.


Wow, this cloud looks exactly like Great Britain!

Allllso, recently that “floor is lava” game came back. You know, the one you played when you were a kid. Except now, people are turning it into a meme, because that’s just what we do now. Why go outside an actually play the game when it’s much more fun to knock together a 10/10 joke and watch those likes roll in, right?

Here are some of the best examples:

The floor is responsibility

The floor is a reunion

The floor is attention

The floor is Janice

The floor is lava

A man called Ashik, who goes by @JustAshik99 on Twitter, saw an opportunity here, and he clearly seized it with both hands. He realised that the photo of the cloud could be taken for the perfect metaphor a certain issue that’s been dominating all things British for the last year and a half, and he decided to run with it.

There is literally no escaping Brexit, is there? It’s even there when we look up to the skies.



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