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These are the things that foreigners hate the most about British people


Great Britain is a nation filled with over polite drunkards who like to complain too much. Apparently.

A recent Quora thread posed users the question "What do foreigners find most annoying about Britain and British people?" The answers were painfully observant from our friends from abroad.

Our stilted Victorian politeness was in for a ribbing with one user saying "The British are so polite and indirect when they insult or put down people, that most foreigners, especially Americans, have no idea that they have been insulted."

That politeness gave way to an air of smugness as commenters made light of the snobbish British attitude they’ve encountered on these shores.  As one person put it, "their general feeling of smug superiority, which can sort of be understood coming from a university professor, but from a (possibly) sh*ttiest plumber, cycle courier or bartender in the world, for example?"

Our predilection for a pint was also fair game, as one user pointed out British people’s unorthodox drinking culture. "The UK custom of buying and keeping up with rounds can put pressure on people to 'keep up' with each other’s' drinking which for some can be a problem later.  There were piles of vomit in the hallways of the hotel and people yelling at all hours of the night and generally the people doing this were totally unapologetic about it."

But of course, the most annoying thing foreigners find about Britain? Our fatalistic complaining: "I know a lot of people do this, but what almost shocks me with Brits as opposed to other nationalities is that not only do they complain at home about the weather, their lives, their work, school, you name it - they also do it when visiting other countries" claimed one commenter from Norway.

As one emigrant put it, "The fatalistic culture (This is what I was born with ... no point trying to change ... couldn't be bothered, really). This attitude gets on my wick and is often cited as a reason why I don't move back."

Luckily, one user came to the defence for the rest of the us in the UK. As Callum Evans puts it, "don't let a bad apple ruin the bunch, as Britain isn't all that bad, and most of our stereotypes aren't true.  The people are largely friendly and welcoming, and Britain is a great place to live and visit."

Just walk faster when you’re on the Tube next time you visit okay?



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