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Fight Club Without Brad Pitt


Fight Club, of course, has one of the greatest twists in movie history, making us rethink the whole film after reaching its epic conclusion.

But merely thinking was not enough for one fan. Richard Trammell has taken a scene from the 1999 classic and digitally removed Brad Pitt's character Tyler Durden, both visually and sonically, thus illustrating what was actually happening. The results - which must have taken an age to create - are incredible.

Commentators have already speculated on getting the entire film redone along the same lines, perhaps by using a crowdfunding source, but Trammell appears to have ruled that out, saying on Reddit, "I can tell you right now it's not within my scope to do the whole thing, and there's no way it would fly on Kickstarter unless I got David Fincher to get in on it. Honestly, I don't think it would really be a very good movie taken as a whole. There will be more from me, however, from FC and other movies. Thanks to everyone who liked the video and expressed support!"

We're sure/we hope a few pledges in his direction might change his mind...

Watch the edited scene, and the original scene, for comparison, below.



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