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Fabulous Steampunk Inventions

steampunk hero.jpg

Want to know the most pernicious trait that bedevils modern life? Cynicism. Everywhere we turn people are all too eager to tell us what we can’t do, how we can’t do it and why. What do we say to all that? Poppycock.

That’s why we admire the steampunk aesthetics of Belgian artist Stephane Halleux. The only brake on his creativity is how far his imagination will stretch. And judging by these images his inventiveness is pretty malleable.

And in some cases absurd, yes, but his retro-futuristic Victoriana creations are unparalleled celebrations of the fanciful mind. We particularly love his Flying Civil Servant, which to our mind resembles Inspector Gadget – it’s obviously the brown Mac.

Halleux’s work is collected in a marvellous new tome dedicated to the art of steampunk, titled, funnily enough, The Art Of Steampunk.

Now, about that hairdryer stun gun we were working on in the lab last night…








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