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Awesome Game Of Thrones Pixel Art GIFS

If you’re still uneducated in the ways of Game Of Thrones, you might imagine the all-conquering HBO show is just a big load of dragons, boobs and massive swords.
And, for the most part, you’d be right - though just ask any of its legions of viewers as to exactly what keeps them hooked on the HBO mega-hit every week, and they’ll likely tell you it’s the complexities of the characters, and relationships of those figures who so illuminate that bloody universe orchestrated by George R. R. Martin.
Testament of their iconography can be found in this Pixel Art from Czarek Łuczyński, better known as Charlie pl, who has 'digitised' some of Westeros’ most important folk and also put them in GIF form, allowing the sweeping winds of fantasy land to brush through their long locks and for the blood to drip from their weapons. Lovely.
From a brooding Jon Snow to a portentous Khal Drogo, it just shows that you can replicate an awful lot with limited detail.
Besides, if there were reason to want a Game Of Thrones 16-bit video game, this is it.
Check out more of Łuczyński's work here and you can find him Tweeting here
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