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Is this the worst 'studio flat' in London?


Every week Londoners despair of the never-ending spiraling costs of living in the capital, and every week the market carries on obliviously, getting increasingly ridiculous.

And we're delighted to announce a winner in the highly-competitive 'worst-value studio flat' in London competition, in the form of this beauty in Southwark.

Even calling it a 'studio flat' is taking a real liberty with the truth, consisting as it does of a room which just about fits a mattress (we're unsure exactly how you open the door) a sink with two hobs for the 'kitchen' and a shower with an even smaller sink for the 'bathroom'. And there are no windows. Because natural light is so overrated.

Studio Flat

"It's a property with a lot of potential"

Studio Flat

"This bathroom just says 'aqua' to me"

Studio Flat

"Have friends over to dinner with this fully-functioning kitchen space!"

This absolute steal of a property is on the market for £700 a month. Let's repeat that: £700 a month. It does include water and council tax so that's a bargain. Right?

Remarkably, the location is not even that amazing, being a 20 minute walk to either Elephant & Castle, or Kennington tube stations. It is next to Burgess Park though, which really is handy as you'll need to hang out here quite a bit just to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and oxygen.

Studio Flat Map

Maybe you should just cut out the middle man, buy a tent and just live in the park instead? You could even wash in the lake.

Actually, that's probably not too far off happening for real is it.

Head to rightmove.co.uk to put your offer in: don't all rush at once.




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