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3 Ways to End a Workout


End your workout in style and accelerate your gains

Do you want to add an extra metabolic burn at the end of your workout? Try this finisher circuit – created for us by Myles Hopper, trainer and co founder of Mindful Chef (@mindfulchefUK) – after your strength training session, and your stored fat will be used as fuel. You should feel totally spent and a little bit of nausea is a good sign…

1. Prowler/treadmill sprints

If you have access to a prowler/sled, you and a partner should take it in turns to complete the following: load your bodyweight onto the prowler and push it as fast as you can for 40m. Then your partner goes – repeat eight times. Don’t have a prowler lying around? Just perform sprints on a treadmill. Do 20 seconds of work followed by 40 seconds of rest for 10 rounds. Even better, find a steep hill and sprint as fast as you can to the top and treat the walk back down as your rest. Do this 10 times.


2. Kettlebell/burpees

Do 20 kettlebell swings followed by 60 seconds of burpees. Without resting go into a second round. Complete 10 rounds in as short a time as possible.


3. Tailpipe

Row 250m as fast as you can. How long did it take? Rest the amount of time taken to complete 250m. During this rest period you must hold two kettlebells in the ‘racked’ position. Do three rounds.

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