Thief arrested after accidentally calling 911

What are the odds?

You know that moment where a friend calls you by accident and for a brief moment you eavesdrop in their world, frantically making notes about what's said and to whom, so you can use it to extort hard cash from them at a later date?

Err, no us neither.

But the warning signs of accidental calls are there. Spare a thought for Connecticut crook Michael Gorneau who accidentally called 911 on his cell phone while he was allegedly stealing 700 pounds of scrap metal.

Police thought the call was a medical emergency when they could only hear that unmistakable rustling sound of a misfired phone call.

But once they had identified the caller's location using GPS, they arrived at the scene to find Gorneau, 46, "transferring" the metal from a local business's dumpster into his pick-up. The NY Daily News says he'd accidentally rang them while crawling under a fence.

Gorneau was charged with third-degree trespassing, sixth-degree larceny and bad luck in the first degree. He was released from jail on $5,000 bond, and is scheduled to appear in court on April 2.

Image: Southington Police Department

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