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These Are The Historical Monuments That Isis Have Destroyed And Robbed The World Of

ISIS has denounced most aspects of modern society, including socially and morally acceptable behaviours, but it has adopted social media to further its reach. Because to hell with free speech, but Twitter is A-Okay.  

In doing so, they have boasted to the entire world of successes such as decapitation, kidnapping and the destruction of ancient artefacts and architecture.

On Sunday they blew up the Arch of Triumph, said to be a jewel in the oasis city of Palmyra in Syria, as well as temples at the UNESCO World Heritage site of the 2,000 year old Roman-era city.

Their destructive aim of ‘cultural cleansing’, i.e. obliterating anything and anyone that idolizes other gods or religions, has robbed humankind of history. It wasn’t their first. Here are some other ancient  sites they have wrecked.

Images: Rex and Getty



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