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Watch "The Kanye West Soap Opera" starring Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and James Corden

While on The Late Late Show, Bryan Cranston, Giovanni Ribisi and host James Corden engaged in a battle for Jessica Biel’s heart. A rap battle using only Kanye West lyrics in a soap opera style skit called “The Bold and the Lyrical”. Because why not?

We begin at the wedding of Cranston and Biel, where their vows consist of Biel telling her future husband that “diamonds are forever”, shaking him and prompting Cranston to ask “forever-ever?”

But the wedding is crashed by a drunk Corden who shouts lyrics from Runaway: "Let's have a toast for the douchebags/ Let's have a toast for the assholes," he grumbles, begging Biel, "Run away fast as you can."

Some back and forth features lyrics from MonsterHeartlessGold Digger and All Falls Down before Ribisi walks in and shakes things up.

While Biel can’t make up her mind, the trio of men decide that she ain’t nothing but a gold digger and holler they want prenup in unison.

It’s not quite a beautiful dark twisted fantasy, but we’ll take it...



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