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Pixar isn't making any more sequels after these two movies


If you've got your heart set on Inside Out 2: Oh God, Not Puberty and Up 2: This Time The Old Guy Dies then we're afraid we have some bad news.

Pixar has announced it doesn't intended to make any more sequels after Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. 


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Pixar president Jim Morris said, "Most studios jump on doing a sequel as soon as they have a successful film," (cough cough remember Cars 2?) "But our business model is a filmmaker model, and we don’t make a sequel unless the director of the original film has an idea that they like and are willing to go forward on."

Toy Story 4 is set for release in 2018 and The Incredibles 2 is allegedly coming the year after, but all planned projects after these are to be original works, says Jim. 

"A sequel in some regards is even harder than the original because you’ve got this defined world which, on the one hand, is a leg up, and on the other hand has expectations that you can’t disappoint on." Yes, mate. Again, Cars 2 - remember it?

Don't worry though, there's still a chance Pixar will make some more sequels eventually, just not any time soon. See you in the queue for A Bugs Life 2: It's Okay to Still be Scared of the Grasshopper in twenty years time, okay? 



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