There's A Secret iPhone Menu That's Covertly Stalking You


Is Siri asleep? Good.

Your iPhone has been keeping tabs on you...and you might not even know it.

The information in this hidden menu includes precise dates of the visits along with the length of time spent there on each visit. Which might seem reletively harmless but it's actually terrifying.

Imagine for instance that your phone was stolen. Armed with this sort of know-how, the thieves could instantly find out a) where you live, b) where you work, c) the average hours you spend at these addresses, and d) your unhealthy obsession with late night trips to Chicken Cottage.

There are countless reasons why being clueless about this underlying geotagging tech feature is not good for business. Once you start digging into this data it’s sort of like finding a CIA surveillance unit planted on you, permanently.

To show you just how tapped into your day-to-day life an iPhone can be, follow the steps below to see your own records: 

Go to settings:

Scroll down and click Privacy:

Then Location Services:

Click System Services:

Now hit Frequent Locations:

Here you’ll be able to see your most visited recent places:

Work, for instance:

Or even a recent trip away (Ok, we’re just boasting about a recent holiday now – it was lovely thanks - but you get the gist):