Real-life Hitman controlled by remote players is seriously cool


“Bloody hell, the graphics for the new Hitman game are incredible.”

“Oh wait.”

In what could be one of the most inventive game promotions in recent memory, the makers of Hitman have marked the release by asking Realm Pictures to make a real-life version of the game to stunning effect, inviting fans along to play it in real time.

Communicating with the iconic, barcoded badass Agent 47 (actor Liam Brennan) via radio, and watching him on a ‘third person’ camera from behind, the fans navigate their slap-headed slayer through a number of grand locations filled with all sorts of suspicious types, making for a unique experience even more fraught than the original game.

From ironing butlers to builders, escorts, arms dealers and Russian mobsters, seeing the sheer scale of characters which inhabit this IRL game is something to behold. Particularly through the often hilarious and unsubtle (“KILL HIM! Use that Krav Maga or whatever”) approach of the players.

As for the acting – well - it couldn’t be any worse than Timothy Olyphant’s wooden effort could it?