Finally, a Twitter account that lets you know if you can pet the dog in video games

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If the main point of gaming, for you, is virtually snuggling a virtual hound, you are totally in luck

Gaming has some a long way from the days when the whole family would crowd around a tiny screen to watch a square get pinged from side to side. Gaming these days is all about rich, full worlds, populated by developed, nuanced characters. Gaming is arguably where the most exciting, creative work in storytelling is being done, and every year brings new innovation as technology and imagination work together.

Also, sometimes, you can play with a doggie!

Someone off of the internet has sensibly realised that playing with a doggie in a game is a wonderful thing, and set up a Twitter account to tell the world whether or not, in any given game, you (the player) can pet the dog.

You didn’t know you needed this before, but you need this.

You need this so much. Too many games are all about killing, when really, all anyone wants to do is have a lovely cuddle with a funny dog. It’s also proof that The Last Of Us is the best game ever.

A sequel is currently in development, and possibly coming this year. There’d better be another hound in it. The nameless, faceless Twitterer has particular criteria for whether a game counts as letting you pet a dog or not, stating that “a manual button press resulting in visual representation of petting is required for affirmation”.

Lovely stuff. Good work, everyone involved.

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