The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers


The book cover is a wonderful canvas: they can be vivid, hard-hitting, subtle, or abstract - or a combination of all of these. But some stand out from the crowd for having that certain je nais se quoi; that sense of style that sets it apart from the rest.

We've dug deep to find the 30 most stylish book covers ever: treat your eyes to a touch of class by viewing all of them; click above to get started.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers


    Author: George Orwell

    There's been such an array of fantastic designs for this classic dystopian tale; some clever, some satirical - but the most stylish is this Swedish cover, designed by Ollie Sksell. It's not just IKEA over there you know.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 1

    A Clockwork Orange

    Author: Antony Burgess

    A design classic, this takes 'iconic' to a whole new level with David Pelham's 'cog-eyed droog' being instantly recognisable as the face of A Clockwork Orange. It's also extremely stylish - big, bold colours and shapes make it minimal and playful.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 2

    Anna Karenina

    Author: Leo Tolstoy

    Muted tones, a delicate feel and a beautiful choice of typography add up to an extremely stylish cover for Tolstoy's classic.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 3

    Breakfast at Tiffany's

    Author: Truman Capote

    Designed by Megan Wilson, this oozes style, with the delicate, manicured, adorned hand of Holly Golightly taking centre stage for the cover of Capote's acclaimed novella.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 4

    Jane Eyre

    Author: Charlotte Brontë

    Designer Megan Wilson is again on hand for this Vintage Classics cover; simplicity is the key word with a simple silhouette and appropriately classic typography.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 5

    Invisible Man

    Author: Ralph Ellison

    A 1952 first edition cover designed by Edward McKnight Kauffer, this is a stylish avant-garde classic. 150 of these were also produced as posters for the London Underground, which must have been brilliantly discomforting for the commuters of the day.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 6

    The Bell Jar

    Author: Sylvia Plath

    Always a delicate book to design for, given its power and intensity, this choice gets it just right; a film noir-esque feel and black, white and red palette working perfectly.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 7

    Everything You Know

    Author: Zoë Heller

    This is both clever and stylish - designed by Barbara DeWilde, it features a casually rolled back page, inviting the reader in to sample the wares that lie beneath. Can book covers be seductive? It looks like it. 

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 8

    L.A. Confidential

    Author: James Ellroy

    Appropriately for such a stylish, evocative book, this has a cover to match, with a monochrome, silhouetted, palm-tree and city skyline background housing a singular dripping, bloody leaf.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 9

    Moby Dick

    Author: Herman Melville

    A book with a huge array of great covers over the years, this is our pick as most stylish; a beautifully stark, almost abstract illustration of the great whale in full flight.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 10


    Author: Samuel R. Delany

    Evan Gaffney's design is a long way from some of the naff science-fiction covers of yesteryear - a flash of multi-coloured light - a portal to the future perhaps - overlayed with simple, clean text. Very 'graphic design', and very stylish.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 11

    The Letters of Noël Coward

    Author: Noël Coward

    Really, it would be fairly ridiculous to not have a Noël Coward book in a 'most-stylish' selection. It simply doesn't get much better than a dapper gentlemen reclining with a well-earned cigarette before, no doubt, reading a book just like this.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 12

    The Last Tycoon

    Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, this is one of a series of art deco-inspired metallic covers, fitting the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing perfectly.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 13

    The Godfather

    Author: Mario Puzo

    Created by the, ahem, godfather of graphic design S. Neil Fujita, this remains as iconic now as it ever was, with an utterly distinctive style fitting the novel as snug as a horse's head in a bed.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 14

    Sherlock Holmes

    Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

    A classic character like Sherlock Holmes deserves a luxuriously elegant cover - and he received one with this 2009 complete collection effort; the famous sleuth's pipe-smoking silhouette resplendent in red velvet.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 15

    The Son

    Author: Jo Nesbø

    A crisp, modern design for Nesbø's novel, released in 2014. A menacing faceless hoodie-wearing character overlaid with chunky text does the job very nicely (or rather, not nicely).

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 16

    When You Are Engulfed In Flames

    Author: David Sedaris

    There can be few more stylish things than a skeleton smoking a cigarette. We've looked around, and we haven't found anything. So this brilliant painting fully deserves its place in the cover parade.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 17

    The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman

    Author: Laurence Sterne

    A beautifully stylish cover, which also houses some stunning graphic design within its pages, as Sterne - an 18th Century visual writer - sees his book given a crazy makeover. Head here for a full description of the treats in store.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 18

    The Invisible Man

    Author: H. G. Wells

    A brilliantly retro cover of Wells' classic novel, this looks like it could be the opening shot of a 70s detective series title sequence. And you'd probably be a pretty good detective, if you were invisible.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 19

    Lunar Park

    Author: Bret Easton Ellis

    A stylish and simple design for Ellis' 2005 mock memoir, with the uncluttered typography being overlaid with the slither of a red moon.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 20

    No Country For Old Men

    Author: Cormac McCarthy

    Once again, simple and very stylish, you can almost feel the heat of the Texas desert rising from the page, with a blood-red sky deeply evocative of the plans gone awry contained in the book.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 21

    South of the Border, West of the Sun

    Author: Haruki Murakami

    Designer John Gall's cut and paste design is a pleasingly strange and unsettling cover for Murakami's book, one of many fantastic designs to come from him.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 22

    The Trial

    Author: Franz Kafka

    The cover of the 1969 edition chimes perfectly with the book and, above all, has an absurdist, angular style which leaps off the page. An unignorable cover design.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 23

    The Great Gatsby

    Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald

    This is a fan-made effort, by London-based designer Aled Lewis, but how we wish this really was the cover for Fitzgerald's masterpiece. Incredibly stylish and period-perfect.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 24

    Revolutionary Road

    Author: Richard Yates

    A 50s-inspired cover for the novel set in the same era, this is effortlessly stylish, with a sheen that matches the book; whilst the distance between the characters here echoes that which is found within its pages.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 25

    The Hound of the Baskervilles

    Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

    This is, frankly, a work of art - and a stunning, stylish companion to Conan Doyle's classic Holmes tale.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 26

    Farenheit 451

    Author: Ray Bradbury

    Joe Mugnaini's first edition cover is an all-time design classic; the weeping, burning newspaper man providing a striking image. Still an iconic cover after all this time.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 27


    Author: Vladimir Nabokov

    Trust the Italians to get it right - this 60s cover of Nabokov's controversial 1955 work is almost too stylish for us to handle.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 28

    The Handmaid's Tale

    Author: Margaret Atwood

    This clever, thought-provoking cover for Atwood's dystopian classic is beautifully lit and shot: simple and devastating.

  • The 30 Most Stylish Book Covers 29

    F: Poems

    Author: Franz Wright

    Designed by Carol Carson, the acclaimed cover for this 2013 book is minimal and brilliant. The juxtaposition of the bold colours and modernist interlocking 'Fs' with a flowing and classical font is eye-catching and truly memorable.