The world's freshest trainers


After a strenuous run, while trying not to collapse and/or vomit all over yourself, the removal of your trainers can be a cruel, rancid experience.

But, this need not be the only way. The new Louis Garneau Carbon Pro Team shoes have been created with Xylitol, something you should be rather familiar with. It's a natural sugar substitute that's used in chewing gum to help create that cooling freshness you get in your mouth.

A clothing company in South Korea have managed to weave Xylitol into the fabric of trainers, giving your sweat-drenched feet a chance to cool off. It reacts to moisture and converts it into cool air.

They're being used for athletes and, specifically, cyclists but in January you can pick them up for yourself. If you have a spare $330 (£212) that is.

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