The man braid is a thing and it’s a disaster even worse than the man bun


We get it guys, it’s 2016. A year where we’re now pretty damn comfortable with ourselves. Where we feel free to experiment with interesting new looks, to be adventurous with our hair and slip into jeans that shouldn’t even be legal.

It’s a liberating time. But this? This has to stop. It’s a man braid. It’s not even a good braid. It’s a car crash of tied up hair on a hipster's perfectly shaped head. And it’s probably making you bald.

And yet, people are still doing it and posting it all over Instagram like it’s some kind of fancy sepia toned cup of coffee. 

Why is this happening? Did we not learn our lessons six months ago when the man bun was a thing and ultimately it resulted in cruel ridicule? Even Harry Styles’ is doing it.

Is that not a sign that this needs to be stopped immediately? Apparently it is not.