This word test will reveal whether you're posh or not

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Alex Finnis

Do you sometimes worry people see you as posh, even though you think you’re not? Or perhaps the opposite, you seem a little less classy than your mates.

There’s a good chance a lot of it is down to how you speak – language is one of the biggest signifiers of social class in Britain, and there are certain words which definitely are and aren’t considered posh.

William Hanson, an ‘etiquette’ expert, has been on Radio 4 providing a guideline to ‘U’ and ‘Non-U’ words. As you may have guessed, the U stands for ‘upper class’.

Hanson has looked at the original ‘50s list, put together by linguist Professor Alan Ross, and updated it for 2017 audiences.

And what we’ve done is turn it into a quiz – so you pick the word you’d use for the picture above, and then at the end, we’ll tell you if your choices make you decidedly posh, or decidedly not...


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