Can you pass this British etiquette test?

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Alex Finnis
Can you pass this British etiquette test?

In Britain, we know a lot about silly rules and traditions. Our Parliament is still very much stuck in the 1640s, we’ve spent collective years arguing about scones (how do you pronounce it? Is it cream or jam first?), and that’s before we even start on lords, ladies, dukes, earls and royals.

As such, we have many rules around etiquette - ones which are mostly unwritten, but that you’re supposed to just know. The thing is, most of us aren’t posh enough to have them drilled into us from an early age, meaning we get caught out, and only figure out how to do things properly by being embarrassingly told when we’ve done them wrong.

Thankfully, Debrett’s - the masters of British etiquette - exist. They do write down the rules, and we’ve used their wisdom to put together this quiz. Can you pass? Only one way to find out…


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