Your tube station may have changed zones without you realising


Don’t panic. This is a good thing, which definitely makes a change when it comes to TfL-related news.

That’s right: some tube stations have been handily given a zone swap, meaning that stops like Abbey Road and Stratford DLR station will no longer be classed as Zone 3. Instead they will be found hanging around in 'Zone 2/3'.

Depending on your viewpoint there are two ways of taking this news - the first being that the stations are now in a perpetual state of limbo (which is quite sad) and the second being the realisation that your tube fare just got cheaper.

Oh yeah, you heard us, stations that now find themselves dangling in a zone land of nowhere will automatically charge you the cheapest route. So, if you’re travelling to somewhere like West Ham from Zone 6, you’ll be charged for Zone 3 to 6 journey. If you travelled from Zone 1 to West Ham, that’ll be classed as a Zone 1-2 journey. And so on.

Which stations have been affected?

The stations will be: Canning Town, Star Lane, Abbey Road, Stratford High Street and Stratford International DLR station.

According to Boris Johnson this is going to save hundreds of thousands of Londoners money every single week. And as you know quite well, Boris never lies.

On the downside however, TfL has increased ticket prices by one per cent. So, you know, peaks and troughs. 

[Via: BBC]