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You need to witness this insane PlayStation rap

Sony kicked of the Tokyo Game Show with something a bit different

You need to witness this insane PlayStation rap
14 September 2016

"Guys, how are we going to offer a compelling overview of all the video game titles we've got lined up for the Tokyo Game Show?"

"Well... We could hire a huge theatre, and then have a live orchestra play all the music from the games as we transform the stage to mimic the scenes from the demos?"

"Nah, that's literally exactly what we did for this year's E3... seriously, we need to come up with something fun, something different, something that's going to surprise people."

"We could... we could do a rap?"

At least, that's how we imagine the discussions went in head offices of PlayStation ahead of this week's Tokyo Game Show. 

Ryo-Z and Pes (of Japanese hip-hop group Rip Slyme, but you totally knew that) lay down some incredible vocal juggle atop a rhythm written by Tofubeats, sliding between English and Japanese to round up a staggering number of new titles headed to the PlayStation in the near future. 

It shouldn't work. It should be a mess. But it's glorious.