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World's Rudest Country revealed

France comes out on top/bottom

World's Rudest Country revealed

The UK is the third rudest country in the world, according to a new travel survey by

Thankfully, we didn’t rank quite as poorly as our French neighbours, who were judged to be the least friendly nation. Not that it should bother them – international tourism data suggests Paris may be the most visited city in the world.

Straight-talking Russia came in as the second most ill-mannered country, possibly because the Russian language can sound abrupt when translated into English.

The survey polled 1,200 readers from the travel site, 65 percent from the UK and Ireland, plus readers from the rest of Europe, North America and Australia. Despite recently being declared the world’s worst tourists, the U.S.A. did relatively well here, only coming in as seventh rudest. It seems the Americans are better hosts than they are guests.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, sunny tourist destinations such as Brazil and The Caribbean came in as the least rude hosts. We can at least blame the rain for our disposition...