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Americans voted world's worst tourists

Even Americans agree

Americans voted world's worst tourists
06 March 2012

While living in a major city offers up a long list of positives, there's one major negative that stands in the way of total contentment: tourists.

Going about your business while dodging loud gawpers in bum bags is a frustrating experience to say the least. We've all deliberately given the wrong directions to an inquisitive visitor right? Right?

A new survey from LivingSocial quizzed over 5,600 respondents in five countries and discovered that most consider Americans the most unlikable of all tourists. Canadians, Australians, and, ermmm, Americans all gave US tourists the thumbs down while the Irish criticised the Brits and us Brits blamed, you can probably guess, the Germans.

It's not all bad news for Americans though. The survey discovered that 78% of Americans have visited at least one foreign country while 61% have been to multiple destinations. This helps to dispel the misconception that Americans hardly own passports.

The survey also found that Americans are given a rough deal when it comes to vacation time. The average American only received 16 days last year, compared with 28 for Irish, 27 for Australians and 23 for Brits.

(Image: All Star)