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Can you actually pronounce these words correctly?

Nyke or Ny-kee?

Can you actually pronounce these words correctly?
14 December 2017

We’ve all experienced it once - you say a word out loud that you’ve only ever seen written down before, get the pronunciation a bit off, your friends mock you for it endlessly and you lock yourself in a wheelie bin for the following 75 years, emerging an old, decrepit shadow of your former made made up entirely of trash and shame.

The thing is, you can’t really blame someone for getting it wrong, can you? There are a tonne of words in the English language that look nothing like they’re pronounced, even down to such everyday words as ‘through’.

However, what you can do is brag if you get all of these right. We’ve picked out some of them most mis-pronounced words in the language, can you select the correct pronunciation? Good luck, and let us (and your mates) know how you get on…