Woman reverses Mercedes onto Ferrari 458 Speciale, car lovers wince


Ever seen someone punch a painting by Leonardo da Vinci, dragging their paint-speckled knuckles back through the canvas as it loses all value? Or a Sunday League player taking Geoff Hurst's 1966 World Cup final boots for a kickabout on some muddy field?

Us neither, but we do know the levels of wincing you'd experience wouldn't be too dissimilar to watching this video: taken in the US this weekend, it captures the moment one understandably irate supercar owner finds a woman reversing her Mercedes convertible atop of his red Ferrari 458. Yep, actually on top of it, like Pierce Brosnan running amok in a tank in Goldeneye.

“Are you fucking serious,” asks the owner, striding over as a crowd of rubberneckers gather to see this comical fender bender, a car alarm adding to the farce. “Nobody got hurt, adds a passer-by in a vein attempt to cheer him up.

Well, not unless you count one broken heart.