Woman in Miami pulls cop over for speeding, elicits apology


Oh how the tables have turned.

One plucky woman in Miami has just earned genuine hero status after pulling a cop over for speeding.

“The reason I pulled you over today,” she says, while winding down her window to the cop, “is because you were going 90mph and I was going right behind you.” She then goes on to explain she originally tailed the car after it shot past at north of 80mph, before catching up at a junction and asking him to turn in.

Asking him what emergency he was on his way to (and sounding so matter of fact that you wonder if she once wanted to be a cop herself), the cop initially claims he was on his way to work and didn’t know how fast he was going.

When pressed further however, the lawman then apologises for driving too fast and agreeing with the woman’s suggestion that everyone should follow the rules, especially "leaders of the community.”

Keeping cool in the face of these accusations, nodding politely and taking all the criticism on board, credit must also be given to the cop, who handles it really well, even offering up his badge number and name if she wanted them.

She did not. Probably too much paperwork...


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