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Woman dislocates neck by sneezing

Woman dislocates neck by sneezing

Woman dislocates neck by sneezing

They say a sneeze is a twelfth of an orgasm. It's not.

In fact it's a highly dangerous bodily reflex that can dislocate your neck, as demonstrated by an Australian woman.

The 28-year-old, Monique Jeffrey, dislocated two vertebrae in her neck two weeks ago after sneezing while sitting up in bed. "I just knew something was wrong. I felt something move and I was in excruciating pain," she said.

Monique, mother to 10-month-old son Tom, was left unable to move. Thankfully, however, she had her phone in her hand and was able to painstakingly type out a cry for help to husband Sam. She was taken to hospital but was told she simply had a stiff neck.

But things turned serious several hours later when Monique's left arm developed numbness and tingling. She was immediately told to stop moving and was rushed to a spinal trauma unit where it was discovered that her top two vertebrae had dislocated. She will now have to spend the next three months in halo traction while weights are used to gradually move the vertebrae back into place.

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