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Wolf from Gladiators is now 63 and absolutely massive

Wolf from Gladiators is now 63 and absolutely massive

Wolf from Gladiators is now 63 and absolutely massive
25 May 2016

Gladiators. An absolute milestone of television and a truly defining moment of the nineties. A television show that saw normal (slightly above average) people competing against brutal humanoid forces of nature in a dramatic modern update of Rome’s coliseum battles.

Strength vs super strength. Pride and perseverance vs Lycra clad, skull crushing brutality in events hyperbole referred to with titles like… The Eliminator. Or Pyramid.

Rhino, Jet, Shadow, Hunter, John ‘Huw will go on my fust whist-le’ Anderson: all names that are etched into the minds of us all. Mythical beasts, stronger than iron, stronger than gravity, stronger than hope. And in the case of Wolf, apparently stronger than the sands of time themselves.

You’ll remember Wolf as the OBB (Original Bad Boy) of Gladiators. A man booed and scorned by his peers and audience alike, a man that was surely the archetype of DGAF (Don’t Give A F*ck), a man with the perfectly kempt wildhair of a canine and strength of an erm, wolf.

This is Wolf.

A model of physical perfection, he was born Michael Van Wijk, torn from his family as an infant by a pack of rabid dogs. Raised in the wilderness where he feasted on only raw meat and fear and set to work building his body into that of a bona fide lethal weapon. A steely, dangerous Adonis awaiting the calls of ITV to become the anti-hero the greedy nineties prime time audience deserved.

This. Was. Wolf. Then.

Carved from stone. Hungry for blood. Strong. So strong.

This is Wolf now aged 63.

Look at the god damn size of him. He’s actually bigger than ever. He looks like a man that ate the 90s version of Wolf and washed his sinewy corpse down with a protein shake comprised of shark blood.

Look at him.

Look at yourself. Look at him. Wolf the original bad boy, badder than ever being absolutely massive at age 63. If there’s any justice in this world these pictures will go hugely viral and he will be voted into some kind of power position and set loose on Donald Trump before fronting a new, updated version of Gladiators. Only in this version there’s only one Gladiator and it is Wolf. And he always wins. Always.

Contenders, ready.

[Images via Instagram: @WolfGladiatorUK]