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Look at all these excellent pictures of animals from Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Whilst we still have them

Look at all these excellent pictures of animals from Wildlife Photographer of the Year
15 February 2019

Wildlife photographer sounds like a really cool job until you realise it’s probably a lot of sitting around and waiting, and perhaps getting a decent shot after ten hours sitting in the cold. 

It’s all worth it for these amazing snaps that came top of their class in the Natural History Museum’s annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, though - take a look at some of the LUMIX People’s Choice winners below, plus the original winners, and the image that took the crown of the Grand Title, below:

When you’re flattered but you have to keep walking

This is just making us want to watch the new Lion King 

The image above, by David Lloyd, won the LUMIX People’s Choice Award, as voted for by the public. Nice, innit?

’I thought you said the guy described it as spacious, Kevin?’

It takes a minute to realise what it’s showing, this one

Slightly concerned about the fate of the photographer after this snap

Yeah but if you *had* to be one of them, which one would you be?

“Thank you, yes it IS real fur.”

This photo (above) won the prestigious Grand Title of the competiton, and its photographer Marsel van Oosten was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year. The image shows two golden snub-nosed monkeys in the forest of China’s Qinling Mountains, which is the only habitat these endangered primates live in. Pretty good aye?

Nature’s pub car park fight

’Just lyin’ here thinkin’ bout you, wbu?’

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is still on at the Natural History Museum until 30th June 2019. You can book tickets here.