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15 reasons Jason Statham is one of the most debonair film stars out there

Trends over triceps any day

15 reasons Jason Statham is one of the most debonair film stars out there

With Jason Statham's Mechanic: Resurrection out in cinemas this Friday, we're putting up the argument that his style choices are even better than his physique and mockney accent. Don't Adam 'n' Eve it? You will soon...

All his scenes from Peaky Blinders were cut because he was too handsome

He knows you don't have to wear a tie to look suave

He layers up in track jackets even when he's forced to defend himself in a shootout

He can show off an expensive watch subtly and not seem like he's bragging

He's so sharp he could be a sixties advertisement mogul as well as a trained assassin

He looks like a terrifyingly cool pit boss at film premieres

He didn't let Pete Doherty ruin trilbies for him

He blocks out the haters in style with sunglasses

Even when getting arrested he's camera ready

He's not afraid to overdress for the occasion

He's not afraid to layer grandad cardigans under shooting jackets

He can pull off weird shirts he's blatantly picked up in a charity shop

He can pull off a velvet jacket like he owns the Playboy Mansion

He can wear a tuxedo properly without looking like a waiter or penguin

He proves that Jeremy Clarkson hasn't ruined double denim