Why Daredevil should really be called Batman


With every man and his culturally savvy dog raving about Netflix’s Daredevil, you may think Hells Kitchen’s Matt Murdoch is the coolest of them all.

Well perhaps no more, as the wryly geeky video whizzes at Dorkly have brought out another highly childish superhero spoof to explain why Daredevil might as well just be called Batman. 

Think about it: murdered parent(s), fill-in father figure who helped him train in the dark arts, and now a night-time vigilante harnessing the power of sonar to scurry around massive skylines and getting his loved ones hurt in the process? We’re inclined to agree.

That’s not all: the video even sees the appearance of Ghost Rider, a former daredevil who was cursed by the devil to ride around on a flaming motorcycle for all eternity.

Now, if only he had a better name...