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Who said it: Donald Trump or David Brent?

One's a buffoon who thinks he's smart, the other, er...

Who said it: Donald Trump or David Brent?
13 July 2018

We suppose they are both reality TV stars: David Brent, as the chilled-out entertainer from Slough who moved on from his job at Wernham Hogg, after being featured on the documentary The Office, to forge a highly successful career making personal appearances at nightclubs, before going on the road with his band; and Donald Trump, who moved on from going frequently bankrupt… sorry, his business career, to become the host of The Apprentice and then becoming US President.

So really, now that Trump has landed that job, surely Brent as UK Prime Minister can’t be too far away?

It turns out the two men have a lot in common in their outlook on life, as this surprisingly difficult quiz demonstrates.

See how many you can get right.