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Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help

SPONSORED: Thinking of investing in a coffee machine? Here’s everything you need to know…

Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help
18 October 2022

Autumn is well and truly here and you know what that means: big coats, early nights and warming mugs of coffee.

While many normally wouldn’t think twice about going to their local cafe to pick up their morning cuppa, we’re all counting the pennies right now and figuring out ways to save money. A coffee machine is one such way as, in the long run, you’ll be drinking your favourite drink for cheaper.

Finding the right coffee machine is an investment well worth making, and is here to guide you to the best coffee machine for you.

Whether you’re looking for a bean to cup powerhouse, a fantastic filter machine to make multiple cups at a time, or it’s ‘in pod you trust’ for quick and great espressos every time, this guide is for you.

Oh, and when you’ve made your all-important coffee machine choice, you can be safe in the knowledge that is the perfect place to purchase. Not only does it stock major brands, such as De’Longhi, Swan, Nespresso, Melitta and Tassimo, it also offers brilliant benefits such as a price match promise, flexible delivery and free 30 day returns policies. Also, with over 300,000 5-star Trust Pilot reviews, you know you can trust to deliver with services as well as coffee machines.

With that in mind, this is what you need to know about buying the right coffee machine for you…

Want proper coffee at the touch of a button? Try Bean to Cup

Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help
De'Longhi PrimaDonna Soul - now available at

An ultimate all-in-one device, a Bean to Cup machine caters for all your coffee needs. From grinding the coffee beans to heating water and milk to the perfect temperature, a Bean to Cup coffee machine will do all of this at the touch of a button. Most will allow for pre-programmed drinks, too, so you’ll get your ideal latte each and every time.

Our choice: De'Longhi PrimaDonna Soul

The reason: With its Bean Adapt Technology you get your coffee, your way. This is the ultimate coffee experience.

Shop De'Longhi PrimaDonne Soul at now

Need great coffee, in seconds? Pod is your saviour

Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help
Nespresso Vertuo POP, in Blue - now available at

You really can’t go wrong with a pod coffee machine. They’re mess free for a start, simply pop a pod in (a capsule which houses the coffee within), press a button and you get great coffee in return.

There are a number of brands that make their own pod machines, with a decent amount of drinks available. Design wise, they’re slim, too, making them ideal for smaller kitchens or even as a bedside companion. Many brands offer recycling services, so you can get rid of the pods in the right way.

Our choice: Nespresso Vertuo POP, in Blue

The reason: The Vertuo POP is convenient and easy to use. With four cup sizes, from espresso mugs, simply choose your Nespresso pod, pop it in and you're away at the touch of a button.

Shop Nespresso Vertuo POP at now

Fancy a ’wake me up before you go-go’, barista style? Enter espresso

Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help
Swan Retro Espresso Machine - now available at

Ah, the good ol’ espresso machine. With its portafilter, which you fill up with freshly ground coffee, its blast of hot water and milk frother, this is one of the purest ways to make coffee. Trust us, when you use one of these machines you really feel like you are making coffee! Whether you want a straight espresso hit, or use the coffee as a base for whatever drink you desire, using an espresso machine is coffee making at its finest.

Our choice: Swan Retro Espresso Coffee Machine

The reason: Not only can you can brew two barista quality cups in one go, it has a large water capacity - 1.2L - and the option to make creations using the milk frother

Shop Swan Retro Espresso Coffee Machine at now

Frequent coffee drinker? Then filter is for you

Which coffee machine is right for you? is here to help
Melitta Look IV Therm Timer Filter Coffe Machine - now available at

We’ll always have a soft spot for those American diners that have endless cups of coffee on tap. While these refills seem like they magically appear, it’s actually the job of a filter coffee machine and they couldn’t be easier to use: simply choose your ground coffee and add water.

A filter coffee machine usually allows up to 12 cups of coffee at a time, and will keep the coffee heated for 30 minutes or so. And the best bit: they’re mess free, so you won’t be constantly cleaning up coffee granules.

Our choice: Melitta Look IV Therm Timer Filter Coffee Machine

The reason: Make up to 10 cups at once, with this fantastic filter coffee machine from Melitta. It has a built-in timer, energy saving options and is a breeze to clean thanks to the handy drip stop.

Shop Melitta Look IV Therm Timer Filter Coffee Machine at now