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What makes a hit record?

We find out. Then probably forget the next morning.

What makes a hit record?

There's no way in the world we were a little inebriated when it finally became time to film the intro to this vid.

Thanks to the folks at Right Guard, and more specifically the lovely gents at Off Guard Gigs we visited Lovebox festival to ask some top bands and artists (The Wombats, some beardy man whose name we've forgotten - pictured) what makes a hit record.

While not interviewing talented types we were 15 metres from the Right Guard tent begging to get into Snoop Dogg's own personal Nandos! Check it out. "Yeah we're friendsh wish Shnooooop Dogg. No wonder we didn't get in.

Anyway, now we've learned from the best, we're off to the studio to put this into practice. Oi, Editor, you can stick your proxy job... (geek gag alert!)

Bags more Off Guard Gigs interviews can be found here, probably by people more sober than us.