What happens when Uber make Londoners wait 5 minutes


What happens when you make busy Londoners wait five minutes in a cab before it sets off? You end up with rather interesting fly on the wall comedy. Uber have created a cheeky video to illustrate the affects a new TfL proposal could have on the London service.

In September, TfL made moves that would insert a mandatory five minute wait time for Uber customers, so the taxi service has made a short video making potential customers wait that exact time before their ride sets off. Predictably, the would-be riders get rather ticked off at having their travel delayed. That the Uber drivers try all manner of stalling tactics, such as offering to play chess, and acting in slow motion, doesn't help matters.

The video closes asking customers to sign its petition to change TfL’s stance on their rule changes.

Following the recent launch of it's carpool server uberPOOL, and the news of its sponsored_longform with Facebook, its clear Uber has no plans of slowing its expansion. Its battle with TfL and increased regulation rumbles on…

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