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Weapon Of Choice Art Series

Weapon Of Choice Art Series

Weapon Of Choice Art Series

How do you fancy nabbing yourself a personalised lethal weapon? Okay, not a real one - that would be dangerous.

What Luke Butland is offering is far more appropriate for your living room wall. The talented illustrator of all things pop culture has given an open invitation for commissions for his Weapon Of Choice series.

The idea is a simple one: "You pick a character/person who has used a weapon in some way or another. For example it could be James Bond and his gun or even a football player who's weapon would be the ball." You then choose whether you want the character drawn in full length, holding their weapon of choice (£75), or in circular profile (£45), with their iconic tool in silhouette underneath. 

There's only one rule - once Butland has commissioned a character, he won't draw them again. You can find out which characters have been taken by visiting his site

We're sorry to say that all of the Bonds have been nabbed - but as of yet, no one has asked for Batman.

(Images: Luke Butland)