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We asked some Mexicans to sum up Donald Trump in a single sentence

We asked some Mexicans to sum up Donald Trump in a single sentence

We asked some Mexicans to sum up Donald Trump in a single sentence

If there's one thing you can never accuse Donald Trump of it's being on the fence.

No, he's underneath it, spewing hatred disguised as policy, ostracising entire nations and hatching plans to fortify said fence. Just ask Mexico...

As recently as last month, the mogul continued his crazed idea of constructing a huge wall between the US and Mexico, repeating his claim that if sworn into office he would require Mexico to pay $10bn for the wall, warning that failure to do so would see the US government divert the amount from money Mexican immigrants. Who, in case you missed it, Trump had this to say about: "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists." 

This week ShortList visited Tijuana, the busiest land-border crossing on the globe and responsible for an estimated 300,000 daily crossings between Mexico and the US, to see just what a few of the locals thought of the bewigged Presidential candidate and his big wall. 

Juan Carlos Martinez, barber

"To say that Mexicans are criminals and that the only thing they contribute to the US is crime, drugs and all the bad things in society is plain ignorant and out of touch."


Joshua Rivera, budding footballer and Barcelona fan

" All he sees is skin colour, not people."

Pablo, E, musician

"That fucking rich guy should come here and he'll see it's safe, even without his 20 bodyguards."

Jose Frias Ortiz, policeman

"We have crime in Mexico, but so does every country."

Donlucas Avalos, restaurant manager

"What do I think of Donald Trump? Heil Hitler!"

Enrique Felix, local businessman

"The only way Mexico will pay for his wall is if it's to keep him out, but just him."