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Watch Tom Hardy pull the classic spoon prank on his stunt double

The old ones are the best ones

Watch Tom Hardy pull the classic spoon prank on his stunt double

One day, “spoons”, “the spoon game”, “hit me over the back of my head with a spoon in your mouth", or whatever you call it, will be too well-known. One day, you will no longer be able to play it. It will join Del Boy’s famous hand-turning trick in the pantheon of once-great practical jokes that nobody falls for anymore.

Until then, we can most definitely still enjoy it. If you’re still unaware, the game involves two people putting spoons in their mouths and using them to hit each other as hard as possible over the back of the head. The snag is, one person has a helper who smacks a third spoon much harder on the other person, who can’t see it because they’re bent over. WHAT A LAUGH. WHAT A GREAT BIG LAUGH.

Tom Hardy also shares a love of this game, and subsequently challenged his stunt double on Taboo to a quick round. Wonder who won?

To sum all of this up, we wish we were mates with Tom Hardy, because a) he seems like a laugh, and b) we know the secret behind “spoons”, so the backs of our heads would remain unharmed.

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