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Watch Keanu Reeves' in John Wick Chapter 2 for FREE with ShortList film club

We're putting on an exclusive first-see double bill of John Wick

Watch Keanu Reeves' in John Wick Chapter 2 for FREE with ShortList film club
02 February 2017

He’s back and he’s still badass. In 2015, John Wick became an instant cult classic, another action icon to add to Keanu Reeves’ impressive line-up. Now, the quiet killer returns for John Wick: Chapter Two and ShortList readers can revisit the first thriller and see the second at a pair of screenings.

A former assassin who thought he’d put down his guns for good, John Wick was forced out of retirement when someone made the mistake of trying to pinch his car and killing his beloved dog, the only thing left that he cared about. The revenge mission was bloody and brilliantly staged, one of the greatest examples of action cinema we’ve seen this decade.

In the sequel, bound by a blood oath to help a former associate seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild, Wick heads for Italy to square off against a cabal of the world’s deadliest killers. Expect more slick, stylish gun-fu and so much adrenaline that you won’t sleep for a week. He’s also got a new dog, so that’s nice.

John Wick: Chapter Two brings back not only Reeves but also the original film’s co-director Chad Stahelski. Joining the party is Laurence Fishburne as a ruthless crime lord, making this a mini Matrix reunion; Academy Award-winner Common as a formidable new villain, and Orange Is The New Black star Ruby Rose as a mysterious assassin.

ShortList readers can enjoy a rare chance to see John Wick again on the big screen at our screening on 9 February and then catch John Wick: Chapter Two on 15 February, ahead of its official UK release on 17 February. That gives you two whole days to show off to your mates that you’ve seen one of 2017’s most anticipated movies before them.

John Wick: Chapter Two is in cinemas nationwide from 17 February

Book FREE tickets for John Wick: Chapter Two

ShortList Film Club is hosting a preview screening of John Wick: Chapter Two on Wednesday 15 February. The sequel sees Keanu Reeves return as the killer who’s never encountered a situation he can’t shoot his way out of. If you haven’t seen the original or would just like a recap, we’re also hosting a screening of John Wick on Thursday 9 February. Both films will be showing at Vue cinemas in London Islington and Piccadilly Circus as well as Odeon Manchester Printworks at 6.30pm.

To get tickets enter the code 797413 for John Wick and 549585 for John Wick: Chapter Two at